Berdina photo

Berdina van Niekerk Founder & CEO

 The Beginning!

I have always been the girl who loves stylish clothes, different types of texture and unique fabrics – always on the
lookout for new ways to spice things up!

Finding something different and unique has been a lifelong passion of mine and I loved dreaming up new creations,

matching the old with the new – adding a dash of colour, selecting a pretty pattern or just mixing it up with texture.
All these options create so many and diverse possibilities in a world filled with lace and ribbons.

Design makes me come alive and new fabrics and ideas make my heart beat faster with excitement. What started out as a
hobby soon became my day job. Which, I am happy to say, does not feel like work at all since I do what I love every minute
of every day.

Another favourite of mine is furniture, especially those old, neglected pieces. What a challenge to turn that old classical

piece into a new eye-catching pièce de résistance! A dash of paint and the right cover can turn anything into something

Flower-Favicon“I believe a home must be an extension of who you are. Your identity and personality must be present in every corner,
nook and cranny. It should be a warm, inviting place, not “just a house you live in”. If you like color, use it!.

Keep curtains and furniture as close to natural to make your home more accommodating and versatile. Use old, classical
or antique pieces as focus points to create character but dare to mix it up with something modern. Let your surroundings
talk for and to you.”