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Retail shop

Our showroom, situated at 15 Alberta Centre, Albert Street in George, is a hidden gem ready to be explored. We have a wide variety of décor items available which will enhance the idea of all things fresh and new in your home. Our clients browse through the shop on a regular basis always excited to see something unique. We continually source new, interesting, and unique décor items. You never know what you will find and there’s always something different from the previous time you visited our store. 

We also encourage ‘Do It Yourself’ and we have everything you need for your latest DIY project. Our motto for our décor items is, ‘Out with the old, in with the new Daisy Blue.’


Our décor items are hand-picked and timelessly sourced while staying up to date with the latest trends in the décor design world. We have too many words to describe the look and feel of our items, so we would advise you to come browse through our showroom to see it all. We have unique, special, vintage and modern-style items available. Our items include whimsical ornaments, magestical mirrors, artistic artificial flowers, battery operated candles, vases, aspirational outdoor gardening décor, designer kitchen utensils, bedside tables, lamps, lampshades, chic scatter pillows, beautiful soft and textured throws, rugs, PVC carpets in the most beautiful prints and many many more.