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We usually install a double curtain track where we provide a solid block-out lining curtain on the second track. We use sheer curtains on the front track. The sheer curtain provides texture which causes a warmer and more inviting atmosphere in any area. These can be more decorative than the blackout lining, and some materials we use are printed with the most beautiful patterns. The choice is yours, and we will consult to ensure it accompanies the furniture and décor of your area.  The idea for usage is to open both the sheer curtain and lining for full sunlight, to only open the block out and keep the sheer curtain closed for natural sunlight exposure or to keep both closed for no light exposure at all. 

All curtains are professionally made in our on-site workshop and installed according to your needs. Curtain tracks of hotel grade can be installed to be used manually or motorised with a remote. 

We have several finishes available for curtains. 


The two most popular headings for our curtains are the following.


Wave heading: 

The wave heading creates a modern and stylish look. This is usually preferred in the bedroom or lounge area. It consists of a double slide runner and upon opening, the curtain can stagger more compactly than other finishes. If you enjoy a feeling of openness and freedom, this is a suitable choice for you.

Pinch pleat heading: 


The pinch pleat heading on a curtain provides a classic and timeless look and feel and accompanies antique furniture perfectly. Here, we advise to choose neutral colours for both the sheer curtain and the block-out lining as the main goal of the curtain is to complement your furniture and not to be an individual focal point.



Pelmet finishes

We also provide the following pelmet finishes to the curtains:

Pyramid pelmet: 

It hides the curtain track and creates a neat finish whether you chose the pinch-pleat heading or the wave heading for your curtains. These are available in whitewash and dark brown, but we also spray-paint the pelmets any colour according to your needs and to ensure that it complements your walls and furniture.

Chase decorator pelmet: 

These aluminium pelmets are available in a half-round or square finishing. They create a clean-cut look and are available in a variety of colours. Browse the brochure in store for more details.