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We specialise in interior consulting, revamping and custom-made furniture. Our services include manufacturing and installation of curtains, manufacturing and installation of blinds, wallpaper installations and upholstery of a wide variety of furniture. Our showroom has many retail décor items which we continually re-stock with the latest in the décor design world. We are available for private and corporate interior designing and furniture manufacturing needs. Another unique quality of Daisy Blue Design is that we have our own on-site supervised workshop ensuring that clients can be part of every step in the process and eliminating the loss of direct contact that goes with off-site manufacturing workshops. 



Curtains create a soft and warm feel in any room. It provides any area with a hint of personality while being known for its acoustic properties. Curtains enhances ‘homeliness’ and is a good choice if you want to bring a familiar atmosphere to the area.  


Why re-upholster? Well, often people are sentimental about their furniture and aren’t just willing to replace the items – that’s where upholstery comes in. 


The right choice of wallpaper is perfect for creating personality in any room. We have many years of experience in the installation of wallpaper. It is usually used in entrance halls, bedrooms, dining rooms, office spaces and more. We have several types of wallpaper available. 


Blinds are perfect for absolute privacy and to prevent unwanted light from piercing through. It gives a very modern look and feel to the area. Blinds are easy to clean and very popular to help provide a unique office look or all around your home. It is the perfect choice for smaller areas as it could cause the room to feel bigger. Blinds are a maintenance free and effortless option. 


Custom MADE furniture & design

Each piece of furniture is uniquely designed and built with solid frames and high-quality foam according to your specific needs.

Consulting & Advice

We welcome each project as an opportunity to tailor consulting and advice around the client’s individual needs. This will ensure that the perfect choice is made to accompany the furniture and décor of your home.

Delivery and Installations

In addition to providing services of high quality and exceptional standard, we also provide delivery and installation services upon the client’s request. Installations are handled and overseen by trained and experienced Daisy Blue Design staff.