We tackle every project with passion and sparkle. We’ll help no matter how small or big your need - from consulting to giving your house a complete makeover. So there’s no doubt you’ve come to the right place! At Daisy Blue Design we believe our secret to success is having that personal touch which is why meeting one-on-one allows us to understand your vision for your home, furniture or just an excuse to spice things up. So pop in at our studio to find out more.


The right choice of curtains can alter the style of a room dramatically. Together with the furniture it also settles the
mood and atmosphere. Pick something with a natural tint and look at the texture to make sure it will match your floors
and furniture.


Blinds are perfect for absolute privacy and to prevent light penetration. It gives a very modern look and feel. Blinds is easy to clean and very popular to provide a unique office look and also all around the home.


Out with the old...
We thrive at the challenge of turning that old, classical piece into a new eye-catching star. A dash of paint and the
right cover can turn anything into something extravagant.


Worth framing!
With wallpaper you can be adventurous. Use it as a focus point to bring something more to your room. But keep in mind: the pattern and texture you select must complement and be in harmony with the furniture.

Consulting & Advice

We welcome each project as an opportunity to tailor consulting and advice around the clients individual needs.

Delivery & Installations

In addition to providing a service of high quality and standard we provide delivery and installation services upon client request. Installations are handled and overseen by trained and experienced Daisy Blue Design staff.

Berdina photoAbout

The Beginning!
I have always been the girl who loves stylish clothes, different types of texture and unique fabrics – always on the
lookout for new ways to spice things up!

Finding something different and unique has been a lifelong passion of mine and I loved dreaming up new creations,
matching the old with the new – adding a dash of colour, selecting a pretty pattern or just mixing it up with texture.
All these options create so many and diverse possibilities in a world filled with lace and ribbons.

Design makes me come alive and new fabrics and ideas make my heart beat faster with excitement. What started out as a
hobby soon became my day job. Which, I am happy to say, does not feel like work at all since I do what I love every minute
of every day.

Another favourite of mine is furniture, especially those old, neglected pieces. What a challenge to turn that old classical
piece into a new eye-catching pièce de résistance! A dash of paint and the right cover can turn anything into something

Daisy Blue Design's highly qualified and experienced team is here to answer every question and need with regards to your interior decorating, updating your interior home style and design.

Consulting and advice, tailored to your individual needs.

Testimonials from clients we had the privilege to work with, consult and provide service and products in the past.
Rachelle Anderson

Rachelle Anderson

Business Owner

I met Berdina from Daisy Blue more than a year ago. I was recommended by a friend, but little did I realise how much we’d benefit and like working with Berdina. Naturally you’d like your taste to be reflected in your house. What I appreciate most of Berdina is that she allows you to choose what you like, but guide you very subtlely in the right direction, bringing fabrics and designs together that you yourself would never think could work, but still like and then turn out to be a winning combination. Once you deal with Daisy Blue for a while, she and her assistant identify your taste and make any further decisions so much easier and less time consuming by selecting fabrics that they know you like. We can recommend Berdina and the entire time with the greatest confidence. Thanks to them our house has been transformed into a beautiful home, and most importantly reflecting our taste.

Marianne Rowles

Marianne Rowles

Independent Artist

Meeting Berdina and Mike from Daisy Blue when we moved to George 3 years ago made a big difference in our lifes. They are always friendly and very helpful they deliver quality and professional services.

Berdina is already 3 years helping me and every time we visit her at the store, she willing to help set up different options to enable me to make the right choice

You are in good hands when you do business with them.

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Consulting and advice, tailored to your individual needs.

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